“Performance School of Music & Dance is a great facility with many options for different instruments at different times.

This allowed us to coordinate a total of 5 lessons for our 3 children, and has also allowed our kids the chance to “change their minds” and try different instruments. There is a culture of music here that makes kids feel included & proud to be part of a group that values music. The recitals let the kids show off their efforts and the “Rock Band” events remind them that music is cool!”
— DeJong family

“Everyone at the Performance School of Music & Dance is very friendly.”
— Jake Verrips, age 13 – Flute

“Performance School of Music & Dance is my favourite because of the Drumline Camp with Andrew. Drums make me happy because they are fun.”
— Lucas Redwood, age 7 – Drums

“Jill blossomed at the Performance School of Music & Dance. She is shy by nature and very hard on herself. I had misgivings about her trying music [but] after only weeks with Hollie Jill grew to love piano so much that even now after months . she still sits down to play several times a week and loves an audience!”
— Alison Shoesmith – Mom

“Performance School of Music & Dance is a great place to take lessons because you don’t have to keep your music just to your lesson or your house, you can share your music with others.”
— Michaela DeJong – Piano